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{ "All": [["Chassis Cab", "Chassis Cab", { "image_url": "http://build.ford.com/dig/Ford/Chassis Cab/All/BP3TT-FULL-EXT/Image[|Ford|Chassis Cab|2018|1|1.|668A.X5G..UG...550CC.64D.99T.LEA.SEC.4X2.54F.DRW.LAR.89A.]/EXT/4/vehicle.png", "transform" : "transform: translate(-200px, -115px) scale(0.55);" },"Ford","commercial-truck"],["E-Series Cutaway", "E-Series Cutaway", { "image_url": "http://build.ford.com/dig/Ford/Econoline Cutaway/All/BP3TT-FULL-EXT/Image[|Ford|Econoline Cutaway|2017|1|1.|.E4F.158.N1...BS4.VIN.CB3.DRW.89E.]/EXT/4/vehicle.png", "transform" : "transform: translate(-185px, -95px) scale(0.6);" },"Ford","commercial-truck"],["F-650-750", "F-650 & F-750", { "image_url": "http://build.ford.com/dig/Ford/F-650-750/All/BP3TT-FULL-EXT/Image[|Ford|F-650-750|2017|1|1.|600A.F7T..J8...~SEXRF6.XL.89E.]/EXT/1/vehicle.png", "transform" : "transform: translate(-195px, -90px) scale(0.7);" },"Ford","commercial-truck"],["StrippedChassis", "Stripped Chassis", { "image_url": "http://build.ford.com/dig/Ford/StrippedChassis/All/BP3TM-FULL-EXT/Image[|Ford|StrippedChassis|2017|1|1.|.F5D.158....XXBOD.XXREA.]/EXT/1/vehicle.png", "transform" : "transform: translate(-100px, -80px) scale(0.6);" },"Ford","commercial-truck"],["SuperDuty Commercial", "Super Duty", { "image_url": "http://build.ford.com/dig/Ford/SuperDuty/All/BP3TT-FULL-EXT/Image[|Ford|SuperDuty|2019|1|1.|778A.W4D.176.RR.LSC.88T.GB3.450.21N.913.64D.CRW.54F.89T.99T.LER.4X4.DRW.LTD.924.435.43B.66B.43V.52B.213.60A.527.76R.60B.43C.874.59Q.592.66S.]/EXT/4/vehicle.png", "transform" : "transform: translate(-170px, -95px) scale(0.55);" },"Ford","commercial-truck"],["Transit Chassis", "Transit CC/CA", { "image_url": "http://build.ford.com/dig/Ford/Transit Chassis/All/BP3TT-FULL-EXT/Image[|Ford|Transit Chassis|2017|1|1.|701A.R5Z..GN...BS3.64D.CS4.89K.LRL.VIN.99M.21G.CHA.SRW.XL.17A.]/EXT/4/vehicle.png", "transform" : "transform: translate(-150px, -105px) scale(0.8);" },"Ford","commercial-truck"],["Transit Commercial", "Transit Commercial", { "image_url": "http://build.ford.com/dig/Ford/Transit VanWagon/All/BP3TT-FULL-EXT/Image[|Ford|Transit VanWagon|2017|1|1.|302A.K1Z.130.PQ..88C.BS1.64H.18D.CS2.541.89K.MLR.CLO.99M.WAR.SRW.XLT.17F.]/EXT/4/vehicle.png", "transform" : "transform: translate(-160px, -95px) scale(0.95);" },"Ford","commercial-truck"]] , "2017": [["E-Series Cutaway", "E-Series Cutaway", { "image_url": "http://build.ford.com/dig/Ford/Econoline Cutaway/2017/BP3TT-FULL-EXT/Image[|Ford|Econoline Cutaway|2017|1|1.|.E4F.158.N1...BS4.VIN.CB3.DRW.89E.]/EXT/4/vehicle.png", "transform" : "transform: translate(-185px, -95px) scale(0.6);" },"Ford","commercial-truck"],["F-650-750", "F-650 & F-750", { "image_url": "http://build.ford.com/dig/Ford/F-650-750/2017/BP3TT-FULL-EXT/Image[|Ford|F-650-750|2017|1|1.|600A.F7T..J8...~SEXRF6.XL.89E.]/EXT/1/vehicle.png", "transform" : "transform: translate(-195px, -90px) scale(0.7);" },"Ford","commercial-truck"],["StrippedChassis", "Stripped Chassis", { "image_url": "http://build.ford.com/dig/Ford/StrippedChassis/2017/BP3TM-FULL-EXT/Image[|Ford|StrippedChassis|2017|1|1.|.F5D.158....XXBOD.XXREA.]/EXT/1/vehicle.png", "transform" : "transform: translate(-100px, -80px) scale(0.6);" },"Ford","commercial-truck"],["Transit Chassis", "Transit CC/CA", { "image_url": "http://build.ford.com/dig/Ford/Transit Chassis/2017/BP3TT-FULL-EXT/Image[|Ford|Transit Chassis|2017|1|1.|701A.R5Z..GN...BS3.64D.CS4.89K.LRL.VIN.99M.21G.CHA.SRW.XL.17A.]/EXT/4/vehicle.png", "transform" : "transform: translate(-150px, -105px) scale(0.8);" },"Ford","commercial-truck"],["Transit Commercial", "Transit Commercial", { "image_url": "http://build.ford.com/dig/Ford/Transit VanWagon/2017/BP3TT-FULL-EXT/Image[|Ford|Transit VanWagon|2017|1|1.|302A.K1Z.130.PQ..88C.BS1.64H.18D.CS2.541.89K.MLR.CLO.99M.WAR.SRW.XLT.17F.]/EXT/4/vehicle.png", "transform" : "transform: translate(-160px, -95px) scale(0.95);" },"Ford","commercial-truck"]] , "2019": [["Chassis Cab", "Chassis Cab", { "image_url": "http://build.ford.com/dig/Ford/Chassis Cab/2019/BP3TT-FULL-EXT/Image[|Ford|Chassis Cab|2019|1|1.|668A.X5G..RR...550CC.64D.99T.LEA.SEC.4X2.54F.DRW.LAR.89A.]/EXT/4/vehicle.png", "transform" : "transform: translate(-200px, -115px) scale(0.55);" },"Ford","commercial-truck"],["SuperDuty Commercial", "Super Duty", { "image_url": "http://build.ford.com/dig/Ford/SuperDuty/2019/BP3TT-FULL-EXT/Image[|Ford|SuperDuty|2019|1|1.|778A.W4D.176.RR.LSC.88T.GB3.450.21N.913.64D.CRW.54F.89T.99T.LER.4X4.DRW.LTD.924.435.43B.66B.43V.52B.213.60A.527.76R.60B.43C.874.59Q.592.66S.]/EXT/4/vehicle.png", "transform" : "transform: translate(-170px, -95px) scale(0.55);" },"Ford","commercial-truck"]] , "2018": [["Chassis Cab", "Chassis Cab", { "image_url": "http://build.ford.com/dig/Ford/Chassis Cab/2018/BP3TT-FULL-EXT/Image[|Ford|Chassis Cab|2018|1|1.|668A.X5G..UG...550CC.64D.99T.LEA.SEC.4X2.54F.DRW.LAR.89A.]/EXT/4/vehicle.png", "transform" : "transform: translate(-200px, -115px) scale(0.55);" 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2017 Ford F-650 & F-750
MSRP Starting At: $55,9551
2017 Ford F-650-750
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Ford Power Stroke® Turbo Diesel V8
We are the only Class 6-7 truck manufacturer that designs its own diesel powertrain. The 6.7L Power Stroke® Turbo Diesel V8 offers three power ratings, including standard best-in-class* horsepower and torque. The Power Stroke underwent the equivalent of over a half-million miles of dynamometer testing. And its advanced design is proven with over a half-million commercial-use engines on the road in Ford Super Duty® trucks. Plus, the Power Stroke is backed by a 5-year/250,000-mile limited warranty.**  • Three power ratings: best-in-class* standard 270 hp/675 lb.-ft. of torque. As well as 300 hp/700 lb.-ft. of torque; and 330 hp/725 lb.-ft. of torque  • Turbocharger located between the cylinder heads and the top of the block  • Exhaust manifold positioned inboard and close to the turbocharger for faster air displacement and more power  • Composite graphite engine block that’s lighter yet stronger than cast iron  • High-pressure common-rail fuel-injection system  • B20 biodiesel capability  • Available Operator-Commanded Regeneration for manual burning of soot from the diesel particulate filter  • 5-year/250,000-mile limited warranty
6.8L V10 Gas Engine
The powerful 6.8L gas V10 is now available for 2017 in F-750 as well as F-650 models. This means only Ford Medium Duty trucks give you the option of a gasoline engine.* If you operate a snowplow, aerial lift, hydraulic hoist, pump or other power equipment, diesel power is not your only option. That's because the Ford-built TorqShift® HD 6-speed automatic transmission with the 6.8L offers an available stationary and mobile** power takeoff (PTO) provision. • Impressive power ratings of 320 horsepower and 460 lb.-ft. of torque • Lower purchase price (vs. diesel) • Stationary and mobile** PTO provision available with the Ford TorqShift HD 6-speed automatic • CNG/Propane Gaseous Engine Prep Package available for emissions-conscious conversion to compressed natural gas (CNG) or propane autogas
Wheels - 22.5" x 8.25" Polished Aluminum, 10-Hole
Available on F-650/F-750. Aftermarket hubcap shown.
Trailer Tow Mirrors, Power Telescoping, Power Folding with Power Heated Glass 
Available PowerScope® trailer tow mirrors adjust, fold and telescope at the touch of a switch. This Class 6-7 class-exclusive* option includes integrated clearance lamps and turn signals, as well as heated glass with integrated manually adjustable spotter mirrors.
Ford Telematics™ powered by Telogis®
Keep your fleet on the road instead of idling in the garage. Ford Telematics™ powered by Telogis®* helps track your fleet and can assist you in everything from real-time vehicle maintenance alerts to routing.  • A GPS-enabled black box, mounted inside your vehicle, records and processes a wealth of useful information – from current location, speed and fuel economy to airbag status and oil life remaining. Ford Telematics uses this data to create helpful reports and realtime alerts for metrics that are important to your bottom line.  • Ford Telematics can monitor driver safety belt usage and real-time diagnostic alerts.** Other functionality includes satellite imagery, geofencing and account hierarchies.** And Ford Telematics does all this while your vehicles are on the road.
Ford TorqShift® HD 6-Speed Automatic Transmission
Ford V8 turbo diesel and V10 gas engines are paired with a single transmission that’s designed to match the specific requirements of your application. It’s the Ford TorqShift® HD 6-speed automatic. Torture-tested over many thousands of miles on end, at temperatures to - 40°F.  • Key-life tested with the Ford Power Stroke® turbo diesel at customer-equivalent 350,000 miles  • 3-plate, 2-stage torque converter is designed to handle the heavy power loads of medium-duty applications; fewer rpm are required because the torque converter locks up at lower speeds (down to 900 rpm)  • Robust gearsets upgraded with extra pinion gears for strength and durability  • High-capacity, high-efficiency dual-media fluid filter extends fluid change interval to 150,000 miles, helping lower maintenance downtime  • SelectShift® feature with two driver-initiated modes: Progressive Range Select limits the range of gears to lock out overdrive for consistent speed over hills; Full Manual Mode provides control up and down the gearbox  • Selectable tow/haul mode compensates for grade and load and reduces gear hunting, improving power delivery  • Engine braking and selective gearing improve control on downhill grades and help minimize brake wear  • Available Live-drive power takeoff provision features PTO output gear linked directly to the engine crankshaft, so power is available anytime, whether the truck is in motion or stopped (stationary, mobile and split-shaft- capable modes with turbo diesel; stationary mode with gas engine)

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